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Here at Patterson's Appliance We offer appliance repair in Dayton, TX 77535 and surrounding areas. Our average service call rate is $45 (713)363-1777

We service washer's, dryer's, dishwasher's, garbage disposal, trash compactor, refrigerator's oven's, stove top's and more..

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Tip of the month October.

lint fire

As we all know unserviced dryers have great fire starters inside, because of lint accumulation. If your dryer is taking longer than usual you may need to service your air duct and dryer.
Check you lint trap periodacally to keep this lint from ending up in your duct work.

Before turning on your furnace make sure that there is proper venting, no debri (lint) near or on top of flames. If possible check exterior vents some fall and cause system to fail overheat or not work at all. You can check this by turning the furnace on and find the exaust vent on your roof. You should feel heat and moisture coming out. In cold days you can see it immediatly. Once you have located the furnace exaust vent you can do a visual inspection. Sometimes you can see vent holes on the sides, make sure they are clear.

Best practice is to have your home inspected prior to winter days, as it will save you money and headaches in the long run. Most companys charge a base rate to inspect and do a quick maintnance routine. We can offer this service to you at any time.

Base rate $75.00 Includes cleaning vent inspection. Pilot ignitors check up. Clear any obstructions on venting. Clean or replace air filters. We do not include Hepa filers or carbon filters at this rate.


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